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Created for the purpose of improving people's lives by providing innovative, sustainable, efficient solutions through products based on state-of-the-art Japanese technology, C-CORE began its operations in Brazil in 2018. Backed by a group of investors from Minas Gerais whose professionals have racked up decades of experience, C-CORE is named after its product.


C-CORE Brasil’s industrial facility is located in Mateus Leme, in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Belo Horizonte, and relies on streamlined logistics to serve its customers throughout Brazil and Latin America.


Having DOW CHEMICAL as its raw material supplier, a company internationally recognized for its quality, and a world NPT  patent, C-CORE adds value to its customers’ products. C-CORE holds a patent that gives it exclusive rights to this technology in Brazil and Latin America.


C-CORE products are already being used in several countries and replacing conventional polyurethane foam in virtually all industrial applications.

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